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"My goal in life is to see everyone enjoy their horses as much as I have in my life time. That is why I would like to pass on my knowledge which has taken me a life time to learn"

Horse Trainer Rick Hopkins, also known as Ricky, has been training and breaking horses in the Central Queensland area for over 38 years.

As an experienced horseman Rick invites you to look around his website and see what services he can provide you with... Learn more About Rick

Rick has the knowledge to set up your horse for you to compete on if you don’t have the time to put into achieving your goals in competition. Which means that he can set your horse up for competition take it to a campdraft for you at a nominal fee and you can arrive and compete on a well trained horse with success. Rick then takes it home for you until the next competition, keeps your horse fine tuned for you until the next campdraft.

If you want to own a horse and don’t wish to compete on it yourself but would like a successful trainer to achieve your goals with your horse then Rick can do that for you as well.

He has a number of fine horses for sale - just visit our "Horses For Sale" section.

Rick offers.....

Horse Trainer Rick Hopkins from Ridgelands Rockhamptons Central QueenslandHorse Training

Rick Hopkins Horse Breaker from Ridgelands Central QueenslandHorse Breaking

Rick Hopkins has horses for sale at Ridgelands Central QueenslandHorses for Sale

Rick Hopkins Ridgelands can sell your horseSell horses on your behalf

Ricky Hopkins Horse Trainer from Ridgelands Central QueenslandCampdraft Training

Ricky Hopkins Horse Trainer from Ridgelands Central QueenslandSchooling Horses

Remember Rick is only a phone call away should you wish to find out more.

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